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House: We’re going to inject calcium into your pancreas. The beta cells will release insulin. If there are too many beta cells because of a tumor, your blood sugar will drop precipitously.

Sebastian: How do we know it won’t go too low?

House: Fingers and toes crossed.[to Chase] Go ahead.

Cameron: Glucose is holding steady at 75.

House: No leaves rustling. Blow harder.

Chase: I already gave him 1 amp.

House: Well, I guess now would be the time to give him more than 1 amp.

Cameron: 50. It’s starting to drop. 45.

Sebastian: I think my arm’s shaking.

Foreman: I’m going to start him on a glucose drip. He’s going to seize

House: Not yet.

Foreman: He’s continuing to drop.

House: Not fast enough.

Cameron: He’s seizing.

Chase: We’ve got to reverse this.

Cameron: He’s at 40, 38, 35…

House: Push an amp of D-50, you want to kill the guy?

Cameron: We’re back to 40.

House: Congratulations, you have a tumor.

TB or Not TB, S2


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