Mar. 18th, 2017


Mar. 18th, 2017 01:10 pm
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Cameron: You're taking too much...

House: [exasperated] Fine! You're right! What's the correct amount? Write up a scrip for the correct amount.

[A beat.]

House: No answer? That's 'cause we're having the wrong debate. [picks up her sweaty scrubs and hands them to her] This has got nothing to do with my problem and everything to do with you avoiding the problem. You're afraid that if you write me a prescription, you're gonna wind up like Wilson.

Cameron: [indignant] Of course I am.

House: Tritter wants to win by giving pain. Do you really wanna be a part of that? As a doctor, how do you do that?

[Cameron looks at House, mulling over his little guilt-inducing speech. With a sigh, she turns to her locker and pulls out a bottle of pills.]

Cameron: [closing her locker] Here. [tosses the pills to House] This'll tide you over. Takes the edge off my PMS. Do wonders for you.

Whac-A-Mole, S3


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