Mar. 19th, 2017


Mar. 19th, 2017 11:59 am
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Cameron: Go away.

House: Give me time.

Cameron: We’re out of time.

House: An hour.

Cameron: What does “out of time” mean?

House: His O2 stats are at 94 right now. As long as they’re above 90 the danger of fatal arrhythmia doesn’t increase.

Cameron: So what? There’s no point in waiting.

House: You were right. We should be cutting into a corpse’s head.

Cameron: Yeah! We should be, except the CDC has got the cop’s body under –

House: There’s got to be other bodies.

Cameron: You think this thing has killed other people?

House: No, that apartment was a dump. Just because Steve McQueen didn’t get sick doesn’t mean some other varmint didn’t. You give me an hour, I go back there and find a dead animal, we cut its head open instead of Foreman’s.

Cameron: Foreman’s already at 100% oxygen. Once his O2 stats hit 90, I can’t wait any longer. Where’s your suit?

House: Either you’ll find the answer, or I’ll find the answer. Doesn’t matter.

Euphoria (Part 2), S2


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