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May. 16th, 2015 11:32 am
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Do you love TV? Come join us over at [ profile] tv_universe for lots of fun challenges and games! Tell them [ profile] hughville of [ profile] team_bunnyears sent you!!
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Come join [ profile] tv_universe! Phase Seven has started and the fun is non-stop. Whether you love making graphics, writing or playing games, this comm is for you. Tell them [ profile] hughville of Team Bunny Ears sent you. It’s all TV all the time!
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This is a really great landcomm where all TV fandoms are welcome. Tell them [ profile] hughville sent you! I'm on Team Bunny Ears.

[ profile] tv_universe [ profile] tv_universe [ profile] tv_universe
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Come join the new House landcomm! We have three teams:
[ profile] team_flamecane
[ profile] team_vicodin
[ profile] team_whiteboard
Scoot over to [ profile] dr_house_land to choose a team. We'll do our best to get you on the team you choose.

We will have Rounds that last a month and challenges during each Round. You can earn points by competing in the challenges. The challenges will be writing, games, making graphics, and lots more fun things!

What are you waiting for? Come join the fun!

[ profile] dr_house_land [ profile] dr_house_land [ profile] dr_house_land
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Very talented people from our community participated in the House Big Bang Challenge and now all their hard work got revealed. Fantastic stories you all HAVE  to read. I'm having a field day. Also, don't miss the fantastic artwork that was done, inspired by each story.


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This my first time posting something forgive me for my mistakes.

Song: hero/heroine


Dec. 19th, 2009 12:20 am
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 I am reposting these because the videos are absolutely amazing and fresh! NOT MINE Made by the talented [ profile] lillycameron  Jennifer Morrison Sexy video
Cameron Farewell video
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I've been craving vids that include clips from the 6th season. Here are a couple of great ones.



By PaperFlowers08

By LenaProductions This one is FUN!


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