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To sum it up: I'm bored, I'm unproductive, I'm recently starting to re-obsess over House x Cameron. I saw that there were a couple of classic episode discussions a long while back, and I was wondering if anyone was interested in doing so again. I'm willing to make banners and posts and the whole enchilada, but not if there isn't any interest.

So, folks! Who wants to talk old school with me? :)
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Tonight's episode is "Holding On." Only one more to go after this.

I believe the rules are no bashing, and discuss the promo for the next episode to your heart's content.
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Some interesting (or not) spoilers about the last two episodes here 
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I'm joking! Do you remember the past discussions on the choice of Hameron term for HCam relantioship?
We said it's ok because it was on vogue, we said no because it relates to ham as food and has a bad connotation... etce

from 1.49min the spanish journalist asks Jen if she wants HAM and then she asks her to give it to Dr. House
because HAM is healthy... LOL


Maybe Hameron would be more healthier than Ham for the tv-show right now :P


Dec. 8th, 2009 07:53 pm
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TV GUide: {H}OUSE Is It's Own Worst Enemy: Ask Matt
The first question is about Jennifer's departure.
I do often feel with this show that it’s its own worst enemy
What do you think?


Nov. 25th, 2009 01:03 pm
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I know in the other post the ratings were down for this episode. I was just wondering what you guys thought of the reviews that are out there now- I haven't read any good ones-you think maybe people have finally had enough of the marginal writing the past two seasons??

Just curious on your thoughts? P.S. Huddy doesn't seem to be going over very well either??? (Hope for Jenn coning back maybe :)

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Finally caught up on House just to see this one. However, I'll break my silence for this ep and my overall view of the series to this point.

Cameron left for the correct reasons that were consistent to her character from the beginning. She watched Chase torture himself until he confessed to her. They made plans to move on, and then he got sucked into playing House's game again. In an interesting mirror, remember when they said that 13 was the only one never to get sucked into House's fantasy land? They just proved otherwise. Taub and 13 love it for the adrenaline rush of solving the mystery. They are like House, Foreman and Chase. They are Holmes.
Cameron, Wilson, and formerly Kutner are Watsons. They are compassionate and care to the point of martyring themselves -- something seen as bad on this show because House is the hero. Viewers lionize his asshole aspects and consider these three soft. Kal Penn left the show due to another job, but it would have been interesting to see where his character would have fit if he stayed on. Wilson has been established as the official Watson.

I predict that the show will end sooner rather than later. Not because the writing is horrible or anything like that; I've seen a lot of people get upset about how they treat Cameron, and this is understandable given the community. I still <3 House/Cameron, no doubt. The writing from my perspective as a script writer is what it is -- a show about House. Everyone else is peripheral and can be sacrificed. House is the only constant.

However, this will end because there is not enough of a conscience anymore. Cameron tempered the team in the first three years, Kutner the second three (and yes, even though he blew up more people and machines than the rest of the cast put together). Wilson tempers House overall, but in this situation, Wilson has to be lax -- he's gotten House off the Vicodin and more mentally stable. He can't transform the man. He has to tolerate the horrible things House does...because House probably would have done some of the assy stuff before the leg. It's been said that he's been the same for as long as Wilson and Cuddy and Stacy knew him -- dating back to at least med school.

On a personal note, Cameron's goodbye did hit me where I live. Part of the reason I ship this way is because I do tend to be attracted to Houses. Most recently, I had to make a similar break with my recent House, because I am Cameron and I had to go for similar reasons.

I have no doubt that JMo will be back. The fact that House got his ass up and walked after her says that. Even though he gloated to Wilson afterward, I'll take stock in the phrase "The Lady doth protesteth too much" -- if it hadn't bothered him, he wouldn't have said anything to Wilson.

Anyway, any old timers here? :)
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GY tweeted this:

"no dice on showing the deleted scene between Wilson & Cameron in Wilson's Heart. if you REALLY want to see it then let @katiejacobs know!"

Since they have been releasing a lot of cool stuff, like the pics, deleted scene, the gag reel and he is now promising to realase another version of Cuddy stripping, then I believe that if we asked nicely some more they would give us the deleted Wilson and Cameron scene. Especially since it's the least they can do for JMo fans now.

I don't know if he means
"tweet her" since she doesn't have many followers or he means email her at katie.jacobs@fox.com

Anyone else know any other outlets?
I am going to email for sure.

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Trough some friends we have the confirm that Lisa enjoyed her gifts from us and gave the Fight for Hameron bag to Jen!!!
Jen appreciated her gifts (MP3-fanvids-manips by me and [personal profile] house_walls -peluches-letters) and shared chocolate with coworkers *_*

link to 2009 upfront photos Aleki and I took:

have a nice week!

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Hi girls!!!
As you know last week my friend [livejournal.com profile] aleki77  and I went to a little trip to NY and we enjoyed the 2009 Upfront too.
We met Peter Jacobson (no words, ugly man), Chi McBride (Vogler remember? too funny guy!) and Lisa.

We prepared two shoppers with presents: one for Lisa from Hameron who like her and Cuddy and from our huddy friend
and one for Jennifer Morrison -who didn't attend to the event, sigh! :( - from our italian forum.
The shoppers contained peluches, letters from italian fans and only in Jen' one
greetings from this community and [livejournal.com profile] jmo_daily , cd with my HCam soundtrack/most famous HCam fanvids,
manips by me and [personal profile] house_walls and italian chocolate.

Lisa accepted the gifts, I hope she can enjoy them and give Jen's presents to her ^^

on the left picture you can see the pink ribbon we put on the shopper for Jen.

Do you remember my manips? Lisa took the Jen's shopper with my designs!!!
Her gifts were in a red shopper that I put inside Jen's one because that one was bigger.

Lisa was awesome, funny, beautiful, extremly kind :D

link to albums: photobucket.com/up09house (PJ, CMB, LE)
and photobucket.com/up09others (fringe, dollhouse, bones, lie to me and more shows actors)

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Hey girls and guys,
I have 2 little questions concerning Cameron.

Cameron said she used to live "500 miles from here." Now, where do you think she lived?
And, most importantly, how do you get from New Jersey to there?

Thank you so much ♥
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My friend [livejournal.com profile] aleki77  and I will go at 2009 Fox Upfront next week (monday 18th):
does any other of this community can go there? We can meet at central park  ;)

We will keep in touch with our italian forum cottoncandy.forumfree.net/
for news/maybe photos: check them on Monday/Tuesday and when we'll be back
we post a report and other stuff we hope to share with you!

@mod: please delete or edit if the post is not ok with comm-rules.

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go here and enjoy them!!!

we really missed them!

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Ok, Huddy isn't my ship but I like both House and Cuddy...
sorry writers, but in the end I still find it (and your work) annoying and boring...
also because some HCuddy moments make me think of HCam scenes
for visual impact, meaning or for the two things together.

Read more... )


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