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Ah, another hot day, another hawt House/Cam fic, heheh.

On the Line
Authors: [personal profile] cincoflex and [profile] starhawk2005
Date: August 2006
Pairing: House/Cameron
Rating: Adult, for graphic sexual depictions. Yum.
Summary: House decides to ‘reach out and touch’ Cameron.
Disclaimer: House and Cameron belong to us. Yes. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.
Also, note that “[profile] starhawk2005 and [personal profile] cincoflex cannot be held responsible for any brain melting, spontaneous combusting, or ovary exploding that occurs before/during/after reading this fanfiction. Read at your own risk. ;)” Thanks to [profile] _vicodin for the detailed legal disclaimer, heheh.
Authors’ Notes: Not spoilery.

Click here for the smut!
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As promised, here's chapter six of my BDSM House/Cam opus, Trust and Control.

Avoid if you don't read smut/BDSM/spoilery fics.

Otherwise, Part One is here, Part Two is here.


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Hello everyone! I come bearing a new fic, featuring some Cam/Wilson (kind of) and House/Cameron action.

As usual, smutty and spoilery (for S2 up to Daddy's Boy), so avoid as needed. Otherwise, enjoy! ;)

Part One
Part Two


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Hello everyone!

I am happy to announce the posting of the long-awaited Wilson-centric installment of my Lab!smut House/Cam series!!!

Alas, it is 46 pages long, but really, do you expect anything else from me by this point? LOL!

Anyways, here are the links:

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

Enjoy! This is your captain, signing off...

EDIT: There, hopefully that's clearer. That's what I get for trying to post to multiple comms. at once. *headdesk*

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Yo, peeps! (Why do I always picture Marshmallow Peeps whenever someone says that? Whatever.)

Ok, so I promised a couple of you I'd write a bondage!House/Cam  fic...and here it is! Enjoy!

House and rope and cane!smut, oh my! )

Crossposted to AO3
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Hello everyone!

I was going to post this sooner, but my Internet Provider was off-line all morning. Damned Bell Sympatico *curses*
Anyways, my next Lab!Smut fic offering behind the cut: )

Crossposted to AO3


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