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Thought this breaking news from Variety may be of interest as it indicates the future of House on Fox, or even TV in general, could be at immediate risk.

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It's a few days old but it is about Cameron/Jennifer Morrison and I do not think it has been posted here yet.


Judging by reader comments, it seems Jennifer Morrison returning to "House," Booth and Brennan hooking up, plus more "Castle" and "Glee" are major themes... among other things.

Sadly, Jennifer Morrison returning to "House" as a series regular is something Santa probably won't be delivering, but I promise to harass the producers about it on your behalf whenever possible.

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Dec. 8th, 2009 07:53 pm
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TV GUide: {H}OUSE Is It's Own Worst Enemy: Ask Matt
The first question is about Jennifer's departure.
I do often feel with this show that it’s its own worst enemy
What do you think?
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I saw this linked on another House community and thought it was worth a share. There are pictures of the characters in the game as well along with quotes! I think Cameron's avatar looks freaking awesome! Here's the link:


My only question is...will we be able to get them in a relationship? ;)
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Jenn will be on Chelsea Lately on Th 10/29

That's on E! right? I don't get the original, American version, if someone could upload it to youtube, I'll be forever thankful!

Th 10/29: Jennifer Morrison, Brad Wollack, Whitney Cummings, Chris Hardwick



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Could someone confirm that this is a video we have just seen on other channels on last January?

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I've just found this vid... ok, we shippers are not totally crazy!!!
On last September, Jen thought that House and Cameron still have a chance...
she still loved The Kiss and the tension between them.


could someone write the transcript please?

ok. or the authors changed their mind during winter panel... or Jen has the same allucinations
we share on HCam... or simply the writers still take their story too long but in the end we'll have
what we've hoped since S1.
I'm very curious to listen to Jen S6 interviews... we'll see how she'd talk about our fave couple.

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The article says that Hugh family is on holydays in Switzerland and that he would be back on set soon.
They make a brief summary of season 5 (in the yellow box they give detailed points of the final eps).
Hugh tells  his feelings about the great season finale when they risk a lot because they show that
House isn't an angel but he works on their side.
(really Hugh???) The last 6 shows are the most ambitious both techincally and emotionally than before. In Hugh POV House has a big heart but he doesn't care to show to others. He doesn't care about good or bad opinions he makes feel to the others because he follows only a personal moral law that nobody sees. (really Hugh??? money can buy evrything... it seems.) In the last part of the article he speaks about his 50 years (on June) (very blabla), about his second novel (not ready because he's always at work on House) and on George Clooney... the sexiest doctor on tv ever.

if anyone would translate better or all words...

credit me if you repost!!!

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Jennifer Morrison - 2007 Donna Moderna/italian magazine
Jen on herself, Cam, house, hameron, The Kiss, JS and HL.


Finally I will kiss Doctor House
JM is blessed because as Cameron, the main character of this year TV phenomenon, she'll do what every woman dreams to do.
Now she anticipates the details of the most expected scene in the upcoming season (but the hottest one is another).

Hi, call me simply 'Jen'.

Does even Dr. House call you in this way?
No, he uses to call me Cameron. Sometimes he doed also off screen!

Luckily JM has presented herself at first so I wouldn't go wrong! Because for the italian audience she is dr. Allison Cameron, the young shy immunologist that has a crush for her boss, the extremely sexy and scorbutic Gregory House. Jen is approaching the couch when the make-up artist whisperes to her that her pants are unstitched... She excuses with me, goes away and comes back with dark blue jeans instead the black Capri pants she wore before.

You have lighter hair than Cameron.
(She touches her binge) Yes, this colour is very similar to my natural one: I'm blonde and I changed in a darker shade to play Cameron.

Do you wear glasses?
I have contact lenses, I'm very myopic... but Cameron glasses are to read near.

Do you and Cameron have something in common?
Determination. She works hard to be taken serioulsy, harder since House told her that he hired her because she is beautiful. I want to be known as an actress... not be the TV show brunette girl. (she puts her elbows on her knees and she seems quite nervous).

But... you are the woman everyone would like to be!
(perplexed) Serioulsy?

You work with the most attractive doctor in a TV show and once you go out for a dinner with him...
(She laughs, she makes herself comfort on the couch and she isn't nervous anymore) Oh, if you says these things...

Is he so sexy in reality?
Yeah! HL has the same House sex-appeal. But he isn't scorbutic, he's brilliant, hilarious and sometimes funny as an englishman can be.

House and Cameron use to make jokes on each others... do you and HL have the same attitude?
Sometimes, but we mostly laugh. We felt istantanely a particular chemistry.

What do you do between takes?
For a while the cast was into Sudoku very much... the scripts were full of Sudoku and the director had to block us to play that game! Now we use to play chess... I don't be infected by this new thing but JS and OE have a schedule where they take the count of the games... and when they loose they are very angry!!!

And about Laurie?
When he finished to shoot a scene he is on the next to learn the dialogues... he's very demanding about himself. He doesn't take pauses and we work 14-16 hours/day. HL is work-addicted... nothing compares to House drogue-addiction.

Do you ever ask a man to dinner, as Cameron did with House?
No, and I doubt about doing in future... I prefere the classic man-woman roles.

On the TV-show website there's a survey... more than the half of fans would like that House and Cameron would be a couple. Will ever happen?
I can only tell you that in season 3 they'll kiss for the first time.

And... how does House kiss?
(she blushes) What do you think? Do you think he could kiss in a bad way?

What did you say to each other before shooting (the kiss) ciak?
I tol him to not be scared to attempt to my virtue.

And what did he say?
I don't know how I could do it.

How many times did you shoot the kiss?
I can't remember exactly, but it surely took many many times...
It was the most expected moment since the beginning, we really felt the pressure!!!

What was the most embarassed scene?
The one, in season 3, when Cameron proposes to have sex just for fun... to Chase... I was telling to my real boyfriend!!!

Oh yes, when did you guys become a couple?
Mmmm, we were shooting the first season... half of the shooting of it... in 2004.

Who did declare to the other?
It was gradual. We used to go out as friends and we didn't want to jump in a love-story so we ignored the attraction between us... and we were scared that the relationship would have influence on our works on the set. Then we said to each other that the show would have last for years and that we couldn't expect the end of it, lets do it and if it doesn't work we wouldn't do a tragedy!

Do you live together?
No, we have and live in separate houses. But we live at 10 minutes from each other, in the San Fernando Vallery, California.

Does Jesse ever be afraid that you are sensible to the handsome dark House?
Many years ago I used to like the bad boys, the ones you know from the beginning that aren't the right ones. Maybe I felt the redcross nurse syndrome... a little bit like Cameron because she is attracted by House: he's damaged and she would like to save him. When I grow up I understand that it isn't a good thing.

So... Jesse is a good nice boy.
Yes, he's funny, generous, reliable, sensible and masculine.

And he asked you to marry him!
It was on the 23 December in Paris, we were in front of the Effeil Tour, Jesse went down on his knees and made The Question in French.

And how did you react?
I stammed: Are you sure? And, as in the movies, he showed the ring!

Would the weeding take place in LA at the end of this year?
(She esitates) It would be so at first, but recently we have decided to postpone it.

We have gone trough the last year as we were on the Russian Mountains, we didn't expected all this success, we have seen that House has been becoming a phenomenon but we believed that the public attention would be only towards HL and now we need calm. Jesse has always been saying that we are doing great as we are and that we are young.... he's right.

And about the weeding dress?
At the moment it remains in my wardrobe. It isn't a typical bride-dress, it was created as an evening dress... it's simple, avory and 'empire style': Elie Saab is a lebanese stylist, do you know him?

In the orange box:
JM curriculum/family (clarinet, soccer, cheerleader and theatrical studies) and...
she fell in love with JS on the House set, they keep private their story and she is surprised by the people curiosity... "Why they would like to know what I ate at breakfast?"
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Baton Rouge, LA: Hey, Mr. Laurie, your new show rocks :D I know this might sound fan-girlish,
but my flatmates and I are curious if there will ever be a romance between Dr. House and Dr. Cameron.

Hugh Laurie: They keep me in the dark, Jennifer Morrison, too. I put my ideas in the suggestion box...


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08 February 2009

As expected, the inimitable Laurie stuck out head and shoulders above the others. Morrison was a clear second. The no. 3 spot was shared by Edelstein and Spencer but notice that the former has become much more Google-popular than the latter since the end of 2007. I'd say this was due to her increased profile on the show and the "demotion" of Morrison, Spencer and Epps. Morrison however didn't suffer much from her decreased screen time. Let's look at the actors' "standing" by country next:

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Very interesting but also puzzling was Hungary scoring three no. 1s, a no. 2 and a no. 3. Why were/are Hungarians so crazy about House M.D.? Note also the high rankings of some other former East Bloc countries such as Estonia, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria. Overall, the actors were popular beyond the usual suspects: a worldwide phenomenon!

I'm happy to see that our favourite couple is the most known in the web, althought House and Cuddy are The Law nowdays!!!


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