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YA'LL!!! I found this video. The quality isn't great but...it has THE SOUNDS!! The KISS SOUNDS!!

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I cannot even begin to express just how much I love this video. It is just perfect.

Created by the very talented lillycameronmd.
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Song: Shake up Christmas by The Trains
Clips: House M.D. but got them from " House loves Cameron"  
Just a Christmas vid for all! Mostly House and Cameron but some clips of old ducklings too. Merry Christmas to all. Enjoy the holidays and this vid too ;P . 

housecam379 a.k.a luv4hameron
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I'm totally copying [livejournal.com profile] blueheronz by putting out a song-based fic request. I haven't heard this song in years, and I woke up this morning with it in my head. So humor me.

I'm itching for a teasing, flirtatious, look-who-has-the-upper-hand-now, smutty fic centered around the song "Got You (Where I Want You)" by The Flys. It was released in 1998, so Cameron probably would have been in undergrad when it came out, and if she's like me she still likes to go through her old CD's and relive her carefree college days every now and then. I'm especially intrigued by the concept of House having Cameron right where he wants her, and by this line in particular:
"Hey, maybe just a smile.
Oh hey, did you know that I can't dance,
Could we talk for a while?"

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[Helping Jill, @jillgoucher,  she does not have LJ]

We're making a BIG vid for Jen for her bday! You can email me a 30 sec or less vid of you wishing Jen a happy birthday, I will put them all in one big vid and do it nice and special and send it to jen for her bday, a sign that says happy bday, or tweet me a message to her and I will add it in! LETS GET LOTS OF FANS!! xo

What you say? Lets help?.. It´s easy, and nobody can tell any more that is shy for that!!... can be picture, tweet... But for God sack.. It´s a chance to send something great to her for her B Day...

Aleki already put the mesage in Cotton Candy Forum, and I put at Orkut... Let´s do it, please!
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 I thought this was funny :) It's a rap song over the credits for House MD. It mentions everyone..and I am not sure, what does he say about Cameron? Something about not hugging patients?


And two more bits about JMo. Courtesy of CCandyForum cottoncandy.forumfree.net/

Behind the cut )

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Thanks to Greg Yaitanes we can enjoy hilarious opening to season 5th bloopers.

Watch here )
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Full version "Access Hollywood"

Pillow fights in underwear, suits, double size trailers, working with each other for way too long and still liking each other.

Hugh, Jen and Lisa have fun (well Jen and Lisa mostly )))haha)

Thanks [personal profile] delsilencio for pointing this out.

Read more... )
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please help an italian HC shipper with these audios:
listen to clip 6 min3.45 and the begining of clip7... what DS is saying about House (& Cameron) please?

thank you so much to help me!
(other DS in Israel here: http://it.youtube.com/user/ayalanetzer)


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