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Name:House and Cameron: Cotton Candy Love
Website:Official Rules
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♥Information & Rules♥


This is a House M.D. fan community for people who enjoy the fictional relationship between House and Cameron!

As of 2014, the community has open membership and the majority of the posts are public. However, if you would like to be a member of the community, we ask that your journal be "live" (i.e. entries AND/OR comments have been made). This is to prevent dummy accounts.

If you join simply to troll and cause trouble, the maintainers will ban you from the community.

Once banned, you cannot create a new account and rejoin. If this occurs, the maintainers will report you to LJ since this is a violation of the Terms of Service.

If you are new to the community, please read the Official Rules (listed to the right)

Note: Some material in this community is adult-centered. If you are under the age of 18, use proper discretion and read all warnings/ratings/disclaimers. Thanks!

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General Rules

▪1. Treat each other with respect.

▪2. No bashing - all opinions and ideas are welcome, but please, refrain from bashing actors/producers/ writers/ etc.

This rule is in place to help keep the community peaceful. There are members here that may enjoy multiple ships and there are also members whose primary ship is different, but they wish to participate in our discussions. Please keep in mind, that if you primarily favor another ship, these rules apply to you as well. ;) Regardless of ship preferences, if you are seen bashing in this community, action will be taken.

-addendum -
The bashing rule applies not just to what is typed out in words, but also pictures. If the post features an image that has the sole purpose of degrading someone, be it a character, producer or actor, it falls under the 'bashing' rule and will be deleted. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

▪3. All fics, spoilers, posts with large images (600px or larger), and other long posts need to be behind an LJ-cut.

▪4. This community does not condone the uploading or transferring of copyrighted material, including any and all references about illegally obtaining copies of aired episodes. Posts of this nature will be deleted IMMEDIATELY. If you upload something, you are acknowledging that you have the right to do so. Also, please keep in mind the TOS of LJ.

▪5. If you are posting anything that is considered ADULT(i.e. only adults 18 and over can view it), you MUST put it behind a cut and CLEARLY label it Adult, 18+, NSFW, etc. This label must go BEFORE the cut. If you're not sure if your material is adult, label it ADULT anyway.

▪6. Please rate ALL your fics!

For more detailed rules, please CLICK HERE

If your post was deleted and you're not sure why, re-read the rules, correct your post, and it should be fine. If you are still unsure, or you think there was a misunderstanding, send us a private message.

lines_crossed - a listing of H/Cam fanfiction
hc_smut_a_thon - Adult Only Content

If you want to be an affiliate, send us an e-mail! We are open to all House communities and all ships...we respect all opinions and feel that diversity is what makes the fandom great!

Remember: Your lips say no, but your cotton candy says yes. ;o)

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