Sep. 29th, 2017 10:18 am
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You didn't think I'd make you go without your weekly puzzle, did you? xoxo
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I'm putting the comm on hiatus until I finish a writing project. Hopefully it won't take me too long.


Sep. 18th, 2017 10:21 am
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House: Mixing up some margaritas? Mines a double, Senorita. That’s Portuguese, you know.

Cameron: [quietly, with a hint of tears] Spanish.

House: Uh-oh. What’s going on?

Cameron: I’m re-calibrating the centrifuge.

House: Turn around. [She does, she looks very sad indeed.] It’s a very sad thing, an un-calibrated centrifuge. It makes me cry too.

Cameron: I'm not crying.

House: Ok. [long pause]

Cameron: I told the husband he was a jerk.

House: Why?

Cameron: [hesitates] When I was in college, I… I fell in love, and I got married. And…

House: At that age the chances of a marriage lasting--

Cameron: It lasted six months. Thyroid cancer metastasized to his brain. There was nothing they could do. I was 21, and… I watched my husband die.

House: I'm sorry... But that’s not the whole story. It’s a symptom, not your illness. Thyroid cancer would have been diagnosed at least a year before his death, you knew he was dying when you married him. Must have been when you first met him. And you married him anyway. You can't be that good a person and well adjusted.

Cameron: Why?

House: Because you wind up crying over centrifuges.

Cameron: Or hating people.

Fidelity, S1


Sep. 15th, 2017 10:45 am
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 photo tumblr_lrqdhwIY1X1qer69wo1_250.gif photo tumblr_lrqdhwIY1X1qer69wo2_250.gif
 photo tumblr_lrqdhwIY1X1qer69wo3_r1_500.gif

Caneron: House [he stops and turns] I just heard that you apologised to Wilson.

House: Detoxing, I didn't know what I was saying. Excuse me [Cameron lets him go] I have to go to jail.

Words and Deeds, S3


Sep. 11th, 2017 11:48 am
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 photo 54198024.gif

House Breathe! You have to exhale sometime.

Foreman [Rushing over.]: Stop!

Cameron [Pulling on House's shoulders.]: House, you're hurting him.

House: You're hurting me. [They let go, Powell begins to cough, spitting out the meter.] Fine; you don't help us, we don't help you. [House faces him and speaks slowly.] Your lungs slowly fill with fluid. You gasp to catch every breath but never can. Every breath is petrifying. It'll be slow, painful; torturous.

Powell: We don't choose our birth, and we don't choose our death.

House: What if you could? How 'bout we make a deal? Give me one more day. If I don't find out exactly what's wrong with you by then, I help you die.

Cameron: House!

Informed Consent, S3
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Title: Donuts
Pairing: House/Cameron
Rating: T
Summary: House is not at work and Cuddy sends Cameron to find out why.
A/N: A million thanks to [profile] pyewacket_1975 for reading this over and giving it her stamp of Smexiness approval! This takes place before The Pilot and shortly after Cameron was hired. It's based on a dream I had about that sexy devil, House. This is un-beta'd so any and all mistakes are mine.
Don't own House. Never did. Never will.

You do eat donuts, don't you? )


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